My Star Students

Throughout my teaching career, I have had the rear opportunity to serve this country in class, out side class and also in community.  I have seen very brilliant students, committed parents and also very devoted. Although I do not want to dismiss any of my students as “dumb” or “slow”, however I want to give you a  snapshot of those really very exceptional students who rose above their own challenges to succeed both in their studies and personal life.


Jacob’s passion for tech runs  deep and wide. Formerly, he was the 1st ever Team Leader of Science & Technology Innovations Club at Lira Town College in 2012 and 2013. After that, he went ahead and did 6 months internship with Centre forResearch in Transport Technologies (CRTT) – – the flagship project that produced the reknown Kiira EV electric car of Makerere University. He also did another internship with National Crop Resources Reseach Institute (NaCCRI) – – after he emerged 1st runner at 1st Annual Biotechnology Essay writing contest.
Also in June 2014, his team was 2nd runner up in the MTN App Challenge, and developed a innovative mobile app for help link laundry services to clients.

In January 2016, I took him to Gulu for Robotics camp where he ably lead one the tracks. He has since remained in Gulu and works as the Lead, Oysters & Pearls Makerspace, a new youth-led entity working with young people in the areas of mobile programming, arduino and other open source technologies.

My wish for him is to see him rise to his full potential, and having passed through my hands, I can safe bet that this guy will be someone of international repute.


Denis is a very forward looking person. A national winner of Annual Communications Innovations Awards (ACIA) in 2014, he has undeniable skills in web and android programming, graphics editing, computers applications and user training. He is currently pursuing his dream course of Computer Science at Gulu University.  He has participated in a numerous tech competitions and challenges. During his S.6, he worked as Data Entry Assistant and helped compiled Mock exams results for over 100 schools in northern and eastern Uganda. After his UACE exams, he again worked as a Training Assistant during the UCC sponsored ICT Community Training. In both assignments, he exceeded expectations and delivered sparkling results. I am content that computer science fits well with him, and just like Jacob his friend, he will go international.

CV – Obote Denis.


Allan was in the same class with Denis, except that he elected to do Arts (HEG). I started teaching him in S.4 , then S.5 and S.6. He is very good with gadget and has a strong business sense. He is the one who can tell where to get the cheapest flash disk, or get market for your IT stuff.


Because I always bury a head in the computer lab, I only got to see her for the first time during our routine Robotics meet-ups. Calm, analytical and respectful, he came on board on insistence of her friends. She rose up through the ranks and by the time she got to S.6 in 2014, she became the first ever female Team Leader. This was no mean feat, in a school of over 2000 students. She led the girls in Technovation Challenge and ACIA. After attending and winning ACIA Young ICT Innovators award, she started to think of computer science & IT. I encouraged her, and when results came back, she was ready to follow her heart. I am happy that she is one of the only two girls studying Diploma in Computer Science at Gulu University now.


I mention her here because she was a good team player, working well with her friends. She was also among the top performing students during her time. She was a quick learner and was more interested in help others.


Just like her friend Rebecca, she was very passionate about ICT. I remember her well for being one the best students in Microsoft Access, not just at Lira Town College but in whole region. She is now pursuing a course at NSAMIZI.


Okello Emmanuel was from a very tender age was passionate about IT. From S.1 to S.4, he was in Lango College, where he participated in Robotics. When he came to Lira Town College, it was just natural that he joined our Robotics team, and continued with his activities. He did sciences (BAG), something which most of us found hard to believe.

Okello could accomplish a lot, in relatively short time. I remember his father telling me that he wanted him to be like me. I still don’t much about that, but his rise to the top is a sure deal.

Okot Joshua

Akello Aisha

Akello Ruth