I grew up in eastern Uganda, in the district Uganda. Back in the day, there was no Google, smartphones or arduino. At the age 6, way back in 1991, I was enrolled in P.1 in Fr. Hilders Primary School, of course prior to that I used to cry when my elder sister was leaving me alone every morning.

At school, one meets so many people and also gets to learn a lot. My character and personality starting forming when I was around P.4. I completed my P.7 at Nakatunya Primary School.

For secondary education, I was first at the prestigious Ngora High School in now Ngora district, and later had sit for my UCE exams at Alwa Secondary School.  By the time I completed S.4, my dream was to pursue Journalism at University.

I enrolled at the famous Dr. Obote College Boroboro for A-level education, of course I pursued Literature in English with a lot of vigour and passion. I was able to complete well and passed with exceptionally good scores, although I failed to score a principle pass in Literature. My heart was shattered. However, I switched my mind of ICT, after all both Journalism and ICT deal with information.

In 2009, I was admitted to Gulu University to do Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology (B.ICT) on private sponsorship, and finished in 2012.

After university, I joined Lira Town College where I was assigned to teach the new Subsidiary ICT subject in A-level. Over the last 4 years, I have been involved in education sector and I have come to appreciate the efforts of teachers, parents and schools in shaping the future of a country.

Besides performing my duties as a teacher, I have been involved in many projects and activities as you see in this blog.

Throughout my life, I have always believed that one should live a purposeful life, to both yourself and community.  My motivation to work hard always stems from the need to reach my full potential, considering the opportunities that come my way. The ability to help others,  make history, associate with other people is very fulfilling. Above all, one should always strive to live the world a better place.