The Annual National Biotechnology Essay Writing Contest is UBIC’s flagship activity; attracting some of the best pieces of writing from students of secondary schools and tertiary institutions countrywide, on topics related to biotechnology. Each year witnesses an increase in submissions in either category; with evaluations culminating into a grand Awards ceremony. Winners take home big prizes such as laptop computers and also win a one-week, full-board internship at the National Crops Resources Research Institute (NaCRRI).

In 2013, I ventured into Biotechnology essay writing contest when I encouraged my students to write and submit their essays. Odur Jacob, Adweko Emmanuel then in S.6 and Obote Denis then in S.5 were the first participants.

Although the essay contest was done in 2013, the award ceremony was held in 2014, and Odur Jacob emerged 2nd best in the whole country.

Ever since then, Biotechnology has been one of my programs and I have very instrumental in expanding the program in northern Uganda.