My articles now appear in newspapers

It has been quite long since I last posted an article on this blog. Part of the reason was that it has always been my dream to have my views (or articles) published in the national newspapers. At the beginning of this year, I had to sit down and get to write serious things that will merit me space on competitive platform such as newspaper. I am happy that I managed to do these, and my first article was published on April 28, 2021. I chose Daily Monitor because earlier this year, their publish editor, Bichaachi provided an elaborate piece about how to have your article published. So far, I have had 4 articles published.

As always, I have written about ICT and Education only, and the articles have been well received. The second one, titled “Encourage more girls to study science subjects” was very popular. I received more 15 emails, both thanking me and inquiring more information about the Higher Education Access Certificate (HEAC), and how it can enable forward academic progression, especially for girls.

I intend to write many more articles, to highlight issues in our education and ICT sectors. But I also intend to cover the issue of leadership (student leadership) in schools and universities.

I hope that this will be both beneficial for my followers on this blog, and across the country. You have added links to the published articles below, in the order in which they were published. Thank you.

E-Learning is here to stay, embrace it

Encourage more girls to study science subjects

Foundation courses improve enrolment for  science courses

New lower secondary curriculum supports devt education


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