It’s important to prepare students for University

I am happy to inform you all that the class of students that I left mid-way last year have worked so hard, and many have gained admission to public universities. I last saw them in the week ending June 15, 2019, and the following week I travelled to the

University of Delaware, Newark, U.S. When I returned in August, I was again preparing to come to University College Cork, Ireland in September 2019. Busy year.
But I remember, when they started their A-level (S.5) in 2018, my message to them was very clear. I told them I was not interested in their mid-term exams, or being the best in Lira. I told them they had to have a national focus-to compete nationally. I told them I was interested in having at least 80% of them progressing to university. That education completion is better than a one-off top performance. I also reminded them that I was also studying, so we should not complicate life for each other. That I was not only teaching ICT but positioning them to succeed.
I believe they got the message. When they received their results early this year, many of them contacted me to discuss career-related issues & help with university application, something I have been doing since 2014.
The lockdown was declared in March, and so I had some time to help a few of them remotely, through Whatsapp & other media. Below here a list of students admitted to Lira & Gulu University. Many others are still waiting for Makerere, Kyambogo, MUST, Muni and others.
Gulu University
1. Alaba Gloria –Bachelor of Arts with Education
2. Odyeny Oscar -Bachelor of Arts with Education
3. Anyango Susan -Bachelor of Arts with Education
4. Adupa Joshua –Bachelor of Development Studies
5. Ojok Haggai-Bachelor of Development Studies
6. Akullu Dafine Hope –Bachelor of Development Studies
7. Ogwang Allan –Bachelor of Information & Communication Technology
8. Omonya Joseph –Bachelor of Public Administration
9. Ogwok Policap-Bachelor of Public Administration
10. Opepo Daniel –Bachelor of Public Administration
11. Akullo Beatrice Jubilee –Bachelor of Development Studies
Lira University
1. Obura Geoffrey –Bachelor of Computer Education
2. Olet Emmanuel Joshua -Bachelor of Public Administration
3. Siddy Adongo –Bachelor of Public Administration
4. Adupa Joshua –Bachelor of Public Administration
5. Otim Ronald –Bachelor of Public Administration
6. Omara Zadok –Bachelor of Public Administration
7. Otim Ronald –Bachelor of Public Administration
8. Okabo Emmanuel –Bachelor of Public Administration
9. Akao Stella -Bachelor of Public Administration
10. Wacha Hillary -Bachelor of Commerce
11. Apio Mirriam Jovia – Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance
12. Alupo Vicky -Bachelor of Science with Education
13. Ogwang Allan -Bachelor of Computer Education
As a teacher, it is important to prepare students to pass their A-level exams. However, I also realised that it is equally important to prepare them for higher education and the world of work. All students deserve to be guided to join top universities, to pursue careers that enable them to realise their full potential and dreams.
And schools should have programmes to achieve that. It is not good for schools to abandon their students after exams, it leaves them hanging, and unsure of how to proceed forward. Also, universities and other post-secondary institutions should establish school-outreach programmes to mentor, support and connect with these future leaders.
For those who are admitted, pick your admission letters and prepare for the campus. School will start anytime. Discuss with your parents the way forward. Leaders of tomorrow must study today. I am proud of you all.


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