Gulu Technology Camp 2017

Oysters & Pearls Uganda has organized a “Technology Camp” for young people this coming 2017 from January 08-21 at Gulu High School. For the past 3 years since June 2013, Oysters & Pearls Uganda has been running the technology camp, in line with their vision, “Cultivating education & technology.”

The program targets school students in P.7 – S.6 classes, and the curriculum is incorporated within the science school curriculum in subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics. However, it is more of hands-on technology for practical purpose. Group work is very much encourage as students have to work and present in groups and consequently, this widens their knowledge base and also brings their dreams to a reality.

They intend to teach the following: Robotics & electronics programming, Video game development, Mobile phone applications development, art & crafts, teachers/trainers development sessions, and additional experience in playing new game technology such as Oculus and HTC Vive among others.

What to bring: Students must bring mattresses, bedding & mosquito net, personal hygiene items, and a flash light. All meals are included. Drinking water is provided in the classrooms. Phones are allowed but should remain off during class. If you bring a laptop, you must register with the camp administrator and never leave it unguarded in the dorm. Bring athletic clothes and shoes. Dress code is casual and should be modest. Bring one nice outfit if you plan to attend prayers.

Oysters & Pearls – Uganda is a registered NGO in Uganda and has been working with the blind and visually impaired in Northern Uganda since 2011. In 2013, the robotics program and advanced computing was developed for the sighted students. In 2015, a community office was opened in Gulu Town to serve a wider audience. Oysters &Pearls -Uganda works closely with several Ugandan partners such as Fundi Bots, based in Kampala, and U-Touch, which has five community-based offices in Uganda.

Details: class Jacob  0706 939414



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