Walktrack Innovation Hub

I been very active in tech circles in Uganda for five years. This whole time I have been serving as at Lira Town College as a teacher(ICT), a fact that has no doubt made me appreciate the importance of education. I have seen parents sacrifice a lot for the education of their children. I have seen education remove barriers between the rich and the poor. I have seen my students rise up to challenge students from Makerere College School, Budo and Ntare, despite their different educational settings.

It is this desire to see my students succeed that gives me strength to pursue higher ambitions. I have hatched a plan to set up and innovation hub in Lira. We’ve had “hubs” in Kampala and we need one in Lira, except that we shall have a different approach. I want it to serve as a transition point between high school and campus. I want to partake in nurturing tomorrows tech leaders. I want to serve my community, and my country.

Over the years, my students have gone ahead to pursue Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology and other tech courses. It is ironical but again fulfilling to know that they draw their inspiration from me, while I also give the same inspiration. I do not want these efforts go to waste. Technology is now with us, and will very much be here with us in the future.

The road to it will to tough and to torturous, but we are determined to have Walktrack Innovation Hub. Download our proposal here: Walktrack Innovation Hub 2016


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