The people I look forward to

In Uganda today, many people seem to be disillusioned and living without hope. Many are toiling to daily bread in whichever means they can get it. The result is many dubious stories are ever present in our dailies every other day. Politics, corruption, ritual sacrifice, accidents, land slides, exams cheating and so on.

However, I have many people within Uganda who have risen above these circumstances and have many positive strides in my life. I look forward to them. They give me hope – hope that anyone can still make it big in Uganda. With good education, smart choices  and modest ethics, it is possible to be successful. Below are some of people who have provided me with lots of inspiration.

Charles Onyango Obbo: Currently working with Mail & Guardian in Nairobi, Kenya, Charles is a veteran journalist and media personality in Uganda. While working with Monitor in early 1990s, the man wrote very captivating stories, so much so that I developed much interest in Literature. In fact even now, I still look forward to Charles articles every Wednesday on Daily Monitor. His writings are just so insightful and refreshing for me.

Others include: Dr. Benedict Oyo of Gulu University,  Andrew M. Mwenda, CEO of the Independent Magazine. I will elaborate how they inspired later here.


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